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Baz (Barry Vartis) is one of Britain's new breed of police, a cycle cop. Although he appears to be a figure of fun, a freak accident turns him into a psychopath...


As riots break out in London, a head injury changes Baz from an everyday police officer into a mad vigilante, offering no-hope criminals a stark choice, arrest or death. Baz sees this campaign as 'lawful killing'. Criminals too stunned, confused, or drunk to argue are politely asked, "May I kill you?" and merrily dispatched on their final journey. All these exchanges are recorded on Baz' helmet-cam and posted anonymously on social networks.





Baz's nemesis arrives in the form of Seth, a rough thief with low esteem who tracks him down. Seth wrongly believes Baz has murdered his rich, eccentric aunt Mags and stolen his inheritance. Bursting into Baz's home he discovers that his quarry is the vigilante killer whom he had hitherto been a fan of on Twitter. Suddenly Seth, a failure in everything he has ever done, is in thrall to the mighty legend that is Baz Vartis.

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While battling both the absurdities of politically correct policing and criminals who see him as fair game for ridicule and assaults, at home his main fight is with his overbearing, alcoholic mother Bernice who keeps him in her unhealthy grasp, even soaping him clean at bath time.


He'd like to forge a relationship with Val Stone, a formidable cycling WPC, but impotency fears combine with the feeling that he dare not walk out on his crazy mum.