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Kevin Bishop: Baz Vartis

Frances Barber:  Bernice

Hayley-Marie Axe:  Val Stone

Jack Doolan:  Seth

Rosemary Leach: Mags

Kasia Koleczek: Maya

Tyson Oba:  Clark

Victor Konstantine:  Boris

Ali Craig:  Andy

Bethen Thorpe:  Lesbian Mum

Abukar Osman:  Somali Youth

Michael Sarne:  Shabby Man

Roderick Burrows:  Angry Onlooker

Ellie Badcock:  Girl Onlooker

Rachael Evelyn:  Tracy

Jessica Jackson Smith:  Mandy

Goran Bezanov:  Darko

Margarita Nazarenko:  Trafficked Woman

Leah Urban:  Ticketed Sloane

Frank Scantori:  Ticketed White Van Man

Carleen Beadle:  Cafe Owner

Kimberley Drew:  Female Police Shooter

John Gilmour:  Police Sergeant

Tom Cheshire:  Male Police Shooter

Adam Damerell:  Police Officer

Julian Boote: SOCO (Scene Of Crime Officer)


Stuart Urban: Writer | Director | Producer

Alan Jay: Producer

Rosa Russo: Co-Producer

Gary Phillips: Exec Producer

Mark Vennis:  Exec Producer

Sabina Sattar:  Production Design

Cathy Lang: Costume Designer

Fernando Ruiz:  Editor

Christopher Chow:  Editor

Sound Recordist: Ludovic Lasserre

Sound Editor: James Hynes

Frank Ilfman:  Composer

Gisual Effects: Gary Scullion


Film Length:  88 minutes

UK certificate:15

Production company:  Vectis Vision

Shot on location in and around London and at Wimbledon Film and Television Studios in early 2012